How to Chase 

Your Passions 

and Set up Your

 Office from Anywhere 

in the World


Even if you have no social media following 

and no tech experience. 






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What You'll Find Inside...

How to...

Build a brand and business with no previous experience.


On how I went from a strict schedule teaching full-time, to working flexible hours from home and spending the majority of my hours present with my babies.

The exact...

Blueprint to success that myself and many others have implemented and how you can tap into it too!

Who This Is For



Like myself who are

looking for a sustainable

income that will provide

for their family while

also affording a flexible

schedule, allowing them

to be fully present with

their family and truly live

their dream life!



Who know deep down they are

capable of more. Capable of 

creating more income and learning

new skills to last them a lifetime.



Who have a vision 

to create  passive income and are ready to dive into a life-changing experience to become the best version of themselves possible!

Meet Your Hosts


Johanna Escoe, Online Business Mentor

Hi! I'm Johanna! My mom taught me the value of being present with her children and it is my passion to help other moms do the same, while also generating a lucrative income from your laptop/phone!


Marissa Giunta, 6 Figure Business Owner

2 years ago, Marissa was confused about her    future and unfulfilled from her corporate job. She took a leap of faith by starting this business and now she is generating a multiple 6 figure business online and has retired her fiance' to  travel the world fulltime in their converted sprinter van!





Before working with this business model I was stuck. I would wake up each day with a pit in my stomach, dreading going into the office and knowing I was meant for more. I was working in corporate feeling underappreciated, micromanaged, and unfulfilled. I wanted more than anything to have time, financial and location freedom. It was my dream to travel and work from anywhere. I never wanted to have to ask for time off or fight to have 2 weeks vacation, that was never enough. I tried so many ways to work online but nothing seemed to check off all my boxes until I found this business.

Fast forward 4 years, my dreams have completely become my reality. I wake up each day and live it how I choose from wherever I am in the world. I’ve created a 7 figure business, retired my boyfriend from corporate America, and our home is the world. We travel full time while impacting thousands. Life is so much more than I could have ever imagined. We’ve been to 33 countries in the last 3 years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I owe it all to this business model for truly giving me the tools, systems, and automations to make my dreams come true. I am forever grateful 💙.



Hi I'm Daisy, before starting this business, I used to be a teacher and on top of that also work in retail part time. I loved my jobs & loved working but I just didn’t enjoy all the time it took away from my family & not being able to travel whenever I wanted.

So I started this online opportunity because I knew I wanted flexibility & the freedom to spend more time with family. So I searched & searched but nothing else that I found was going to give me that until I came across this.

Since I started my online business, I have left both jobs and travel & lived in an RV full-time. I spend more time with my husband and pup and now we have our beautiful daughter who I now get to be fully present with.

And kinda mind blowing at everything that I used to never think was possible, became a reality All because I said YES to something new and scary.

So for me it was 100% worth it and I’m glad I didn’t let my fears stop me from doing what I knew would change my family’s life!



If you would've asked me what life was like before I started my business, I would’ve told you it was GREAT - I was truly living the American Dream!

I had landed my big girl job before I had even finished college (Woo!) Being a first generation college graduate Latina, I really did think I hit the jack pot.

No one else in my family had ever made the amount of money I was making or been in a management position, which naturally led me to want to climb the corporate ladder.

I wanted to be jet status (because corporate always did their store visits in a jet - ha). Nothing that was going to stop me from achieving it..

In 2022, my best friend was born. My priorities changed the second I saw him. (cheesy, I know).

I no longer wanted to work at a job that was going to keep me from spending time with my son. I didn’t want to spend long hours working for someone else only to come home, go to sleep, and then do it all over again the next day.

Nothing else mattered. I wanted to be there for every laugh and every step he took.. but my job was now holding me back.

After researching nonstop for remote work, I found this business opportunity. 2 months later I quit my job and took my business full time to begin creating generational wealth for me and my family.

Since starting my business, not only have I had HUGE mindset shifts, but I’ve also been able to spend every day with my son. Best of all, I get to help moms who were also in my position.

I am forever grateful for everything that lead me to where I’m at today. Never in a million years did I think I’d be here absolutely loving being a mom and building my business so I can give my son the life I never had growing up!



Hi Friend my name is Yadie. 😊

So before finding this amazing program I felt stuck and craved more to life. You see I had got into my dream career but after a few years I started to feel unfulfilled and a bit depressed.

I’m a single mom of 2 kids and I couldn’t imagine working long hours until I was 65+ so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and to not settle to what society norms calls “success”.

So when I I found this opportunity I jumped right on it and it has forever changed my life. I was blown away with the training and the amazing supportive community of people who genuinely want to help you win in life!

I’ve been able to Quit my Corporate Career to work full time online and most importantly I’m a present mom to my amazing kids and I’m following my passions because I am more than just a mom.

I’m so proud of myself for never settling in life and now I’m being the example to my kids of what it means to go after your dreams.

So my advice to you reading this is to just go for it because your future self is waiting and who better to give you the life you desire than YOU!

Imagine This...


I followed the cultural expectation of getting my college degree and then starting my career. When my first daughter was born, my world changed forever. I will never forget how my heart ached every day that I dropped my daughter off at daycare and how many tears I cried looking at her photos on my lunch break. 

One day, I stumbled across the answer. One click and a web class that would change my life forever. After looking into so many social media platforms, I immediately knew this one was different. Although this was so different from everything I had been told, I was willing to take that risk!


Fast forward to today, taking that risk was the best decision I could have made! Now I am able to spend every day with my children, while also providing for all their needs and more! My husband and I are planning our dream vacation and our dream home and I'm able to mentor others to do the same. Living this dream can be a reality for you too!

I can't wait to meet you!


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